Brett knows what matters most to Nebraskans.


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For Our Families. For Our Values. For Nebraska.
Property Tax Relief

As a State Senator, Brett Lindstrom has worked hard for tax reform for property and landowners by providing direct relief through the Property Tax Credit Fund. As a member of the Revenue Committee, he has continued to work diligently to modernize Nebraska’s tax system.

Social Security Income Tax Reform

During Brett’s tenure at the Nebraska Legislature, he has introduced and passed several important bills including the adjustment of income tax brackets for inflation to increase dollars to pockets. Most importantly, he has successfully passed legislation to phase out all Social Security Income taxes imposed by the State. Keeping more money in our retirees’ pockets and keeping our retirees in Nebraska.

Economic Development

In order to bring Nebraska to the economic forefront, Brett Lindstrom has fought to bring high wage jobs to Nebraska, by encouraging economic development and retention of talent. He has sponsored and supported legislation that provides opportunities to Nebraskans seeking to establish a foundation to grow a family and build a career making Nebraska more competitive nationally.

Expanding Trade

To guide Nebraska into the future, we must commit to increasing our agricultural exports and cultivating our existing trade relations. Brett Lindstrom believes the free market will allow for these relationships to thrive and thereby bolstering our local economy.

Pro-Life Values

Brett has consistently defended the lives of the unborn. Believing that all life is precious, and we have a duty to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

Fighting Against the Opioid Epidemic

Many communities have been affected by the deadly epidemic of Opioid addiction. Brett has passed legislation that created the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program that prevents doctor shopping and provides education by strengthening the doctor/patient relationship so that those in need of prescription opiates understand the effects while under the care of their physician.